What is Maker Fair?

Maker Faire is a family-friendly showcase of inventions and creativity that gathers together enthusiasts, crafters, and educators across the country.

Makers come to show their creations and visitors come to try new things firsthand. The festival is the perfect combination of modern technologies, traditional crafts, science and design.

Third year in Brno

The third year of Maker Faire Brno will take place on the weekend of 22-23 October in the perfectly fitting venue of Pavilion A1 of the Brno Exhibition Centre.

You will get to know about 100 makers and their great projects and again participate in numerous workshops and installations. The program will take place indoors and partly outdoors.


Homemade Bastler
a home-built robotic dog
Life After Apocalypse
the apocalypse has never looked so cool
Hydroponic Garden
system for home cultivation of micro-vegetables
retro-futuristic electronic wearables


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