About us

About Us

Our community actively supports the maker movement in the Czech Republic through the Maker Faire festivals. We aim to popularize technology and encourage creativity as an alternative to the common and consumerist approach to life.

We have been organising Maker Faire festivals since 2018. Apart from the capital city of Prague, we mainly focus on regional centres.

Anyone can be a maker.

We support the makers. People who create their own products, discover new solutions and share their know-how and enthusiasm. We provide the platform for anyone, anywhere to become a maker.

We help the creative community to grow, as we are meeting and promoting new Czech creators and innovators. Our focus is to bring their work to the attention of the professional and general public.

Other projects

We are currently working on FAB2025 – The Czech Republic will host the largest open workshop conference in the world in 2025. We are also consulting the creation of open workshops and FabLabs, shooting entertaining video workshops called Postavtesi, and and we strive to further develop the Czech makers’ community.