Your brand will reach 30,000+ visitors.

The maker community is attractive for many partners and sponsors, especially because of its focus on the global challenges we are facing. Our partners are fully aware of the positive benefits of cooperating with Maker Faire Czech Republic.

The festival audience consists of enthusiasts, craftsmen, educators, DIYers, designers, scientists, engineers, students and families with children. Partner companies and brands thus become themselves part of the maker culture with overlapping reach into countless sectors.

We are experienced in establishing partnerships not only locally but also on a glosbal level. We will be happy to design creative activities for your brand. All with a focus on results that match your ideas and goals.

Why become a partner of Maker Faire Czech Republic?

Promote greater public interest in your brand in a viral marketing environment. Differentiate your company from the competition through hands-on activities and engaging visitors directly at Maker Faire festivals. The festivals mainly bring together the projects of specific makers. Partner companies therefore enjoy a form of exclusivity at our events.



Introduce your organization as a STEAM leader and supporter that celebrates creativity, innovation, sustainability and talent development. The acronym STEAM is based on the words Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. This combination is necessary for the development of new projects and innovation.



Put your product or message directly into the hands of families and end consumers. Develop awareness of your company directly through workshops and hands-on activities.



Present your company as an innovative community leader that supports public understanding and engagement in science and technology.


Product launch

Showcase new technologies and innovations to our highly engaged audience. Inspire those who are just starting out in their business with your presence.


Talent development

Stimulate the imagination of children and families, who play an important role in developing the creative minds of the next generation of innovators and makers.


Human resources

Discover new talent to your ranks at Maker Faires and reach out to potential new hires for your company.

Have a look at how some of our partners have participated in past Maker Faire festivals

Whether your company is looking to increase brand awareness, attract new customers or support the community, we’ll put together the right package for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re not directly connected to science and technology. With knowledge of the basic essence of your product, we will create customized, creative concepts that are engaging to visitors and connect them to your brand.

Prusa Reserach

“We joined Maker Faire for the first time in Prague in 2018 and around 11,000 people came then. The atmosphere at the festivals is amazing every year, lots of people, happy makers and everyone always seems like they found some inspiration.”

Josef Průša, owner of PRUSA Research and general partner of the festival

Honeywell Aerospace Olomouc

“We offer our customers the latest technologies and innovations… And that innovation, research, development, is exactly what our company supports. That’s why we are a proud partner of the Maker Faire.”

Martin Šebesta, CEO of Honeywell Aerospace Olomouc

Nadační fond Škoda Auto

“Maker Faire is a great event for the whole spectrum of people. It’s great because we are continuing the tradition of what has always been happening in Mladá Boleslav and in our region. Our region has always been innovative and creative, so it’s a bit of a return to our roots.”

Ladislav Kučera, director of Nadační fond Škoda Auto

Why do brands and companies love Maker Faire? 

With the mass proliferation of 3D printers, drones and other tools that turn individuals into engineers, makers and pilots, the Maker movement is quickly becoming a catalyst for brands looking to connect with consumers and attract talent, according to some experts. Maker Faire is thus becoming an influential platform for engaging companies and brands.

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