10th-11th June 2023

Výstaviště Praha

The 6th Maker Faire in Prague!

The biggest Maker Faire in the Czech Republic returns to Prague for the sixth time. The festival is to take place at the Výstaviště Praha in the area of Křižíkovy pavilony. We will host dozens of creators, inventors, innovators, tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts in the Capital. On the weekend of the 10th-11th of June 2023, you can look forward to makers from the Czech Republic and from abroad and hundreds of interesting and creative projects. You can also participate in many installations and workshops. The programme is set to take place mainly indoors and partly outdoors.

🚀 Electronic and technological gadgets

🚀 Design

🚀 3D Print & Robotics

🚀 Crafts & Sustainability projects

What is the Maker Faire?

It is a festival full of workshops, interactive activities and above all enthusiastic and enquiring people. The world-class creativity showcase brings together garage makers and professionals, and provides smart entertainment for families with children. Maker Faire brings together modern technology, science, design and traditional crafts.

Maker is a designerMaker is a visionaryMaker is an enthusiast21st century DIY – The MakersMaker is an innovator..

Anyone with a creative spirit can be a maker. Makers are the ones who don’t settle for ordinary and mundane technologies or services. They are the people who come up with innovations and new ideas, and share them with others.

Saturday 10:00 – 18:00

Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

Nearly two hundred makers from all over the world are waiting for you at the sixth annual Prague Maker Faire!

Sign up, experience the preparation and organisation of the festival first-hand and become part of the community. The work is paid.


🎟 Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are on sale at Goout.cz – HERE .

One day ticket

Adults – 250 Kč
Student / Senior – 200 Kč
Kids 6-15 years – 35 Kč
Kids up to 6 years – free entrance

Two days tickets

Adults – 300 Kč
Student / Senior 250 Kč
Kids 6 – 15 years – 35 Kč
Kids up to 6 years – free entrance

Ticket prices may vary on site. You can pay at the venue with cash or card.

⏰ How much time does it take to see the whole Maker Faire?

Book a whole day for the Maker Faire. The grounds are quite large and there are a lot of makers on the program. You’ll join workshops, try out different setups, and there’s always something to come back to.

☕️ Can I buy refreshments on site?

Yes! There are plenty of food stands waiting for you, but feel free to bring your own snacks or drinks.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 For whom is the festival intended?

Maker Faire is a festival for professionals as well as the general public. We are preparing a creative and professional programme for you. The vast majority of projects are interactive. We can assure you that you will enjoy the event whether you are a family with children, scientist, DIYer or student.

Put yourself in the mood for Maker Faire 🙂

Makers for Prague?

Technologická gramotnost

Tadeáš Salaba

Technologická gramotnost je projekt, který si klade za cíl edukovat mladistvé v oboru moderních technologií. Hledáme dokonalé spojení mezi akademickou…

Technický klub mládeže Litoměřice a Institut technického vzdělávání z.u.

Technický klub mládeže Litoměřice a Institut technického vzdělávání z.u.

Jsme místem kde se děti od 5 do 99 let mohou věnovat vědeckým, technickým a řemeslným aktivitám. Fungujeme již přes…

Stavebnictví je fascinující!

Národní centrum Stavebnictví 4.0

Prezentace: Radek Pospíšil – Dovednost a vytrvalost Radek je učeň-truhlář a v 16 letech si postavil na zahradě rodičů vlastní…


Zajímají vás taje elektrotechniky? Chtěli byste se něco nového naučit? Pojďte s námi pomoct našim ozobotům vyluštit bludiště a nebo…

MachLAB Croatia

MachLAB Croatia

MachLAB is a company that specializes and has been operating since 2021 in the field of 3D modeling, 3D printing,…

Místní akční plán rozvoje vzdělávání III Praha 1 (MAP III)

MČ Praha 1 – MAP

MAP je unikátní projekt spolupráce všech aktérů vzdělávání, nejen ZŠ a MŠ, ale také organizací neformálního a zájmového vzdělávání, kulturních…


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