Maker Faire Prague festival attracted last year nearly 10 000 people

More than 130 makers gathered in 2023 in the Křižík Pavilions at the Prague Exhibition Centre and nearly 10,000 enthusiastic visitors arrived.
“I am very happy about this year’s edition. We managed to put together a varied programme once again, quite a few new makers arrived and the natural compactness of the venue and the community dimension of the event worked beautifully. I am also pleased that the Prague Maker Faire is becoming more and more a part of the social consciousness. This year, we were very pleased to see the presence of the American founders of Maker Faire, colleagues from European festivals or, for example, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands or the Ambassador of Great Britain, who visited Maker Faire in Prague for the first time,” comments Vojtěch Kolařík, the main organizer of the event.

What is the Maker Faire?

It is a festival full of workshops, interactive activities and above all enthusiastic and enquiring people. The world-class creativity showcase brings together garage makers and professionals, and provides smart entertainment for families with children. Maker Faire brings together modern technology, science, design and traditional crafts.

Maker is a designerMaker is a visionaryMaker is an enthusiast21st century DIY – The MakersMaker is an innovator..

Anyone with a creative spirit can be a maker. Makers are the ones who don’t settle for ordinary and mundane technologies or services. They are the people who come up with innovations and new ideas, and share them with others.

Buy tickets in advance at a better price and enter the draw for a Prusa MINI+ 3D printer.


One-day tickets
Adult – 250 CZK
Student / Senior – 200 CZK
Child 6-15 years – 35 CZK

Two-day tickets
Adult – 300 CZK
Student / Senior – 250 CZK
Child 6 – 15 years – 35 CZK
Disabled – 50 CZK + free escort
Children up to 6 years of age have free entry!


One-day tickets
Adult – 300 CZK
Student / Senior – 250 CZK
Child 6-15 years – 50 CZK

Two-day tickets
Adult – 350 CZK
Student / Senior – 300 CZK
Child 6 – 15 years – 50 CZK
Disabled – 50 CZK + free escort
Children up to 6 years of age have free entry!

Note: We will draw the winner directly at Maker Faire Prague, where we will also personally hand over the printer.

Saturday 10:00 – 18:00

Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

Nearly two hundred makers from all over the world are waiting for you at the seventh annual Prague Maker Faire!

Sign up, experience the preparation and organisation of the festival first-hand and become part of the community. The work is paid.


🎟 Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are on sale at – HERE .

One day ticket

Adults – 250 Kč
Student / Senior – 200 Kč
Kids 6-15 years – 35 Kč
Kids up to 6 years – free entrance

Two days tickets

Adults – 300 Kč
Student / Senior 250 Kč
Kids 6 – 15 years – 35 Kč
Kids up to 6 years – free entrance

Ticket prices may vary on site. You can pay at the venue with cash or card.

How do I get to Maker Faire Prague?

The main entrance to the festival will be around the Plantarium. You can find the box office, entrance and ticket resale on the map HERE. The Industrial Palace is being remodelled, so don’t be alarmed, walk past and you’ll find us behind it.
If you are travelling by public transport, get off at the Exhibition Centre stop HERE. Trams 6, 8, 12, 17, 20 stop at this stop. Or take the metro to station C – Nádraží Holešovice.

🚗 What about parking?

We recommend arriving at the festival without a car. If you arrive by car, you can use the paid parking HERE or the paid zones in the surrounding area.

🐕 Can animals come to the festival?

Please leave your pets at home. Neither you nor they would enjoy the festival.

⏰ How much time does it take to see the whole Maker Faire?

Book a whole day for the Maker Faire. The grounds are quite large and there are a lot of makers on the program. You’ll join workshops, try out different setups, and there’s always something to come back to.

☕️ Can I buy refreshments on site?

Yes! There are plenty of food stands waiting for you, but feel free to bring your own snacks or drinks.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 For whom is the festival intended?

Maker Faire is a festival for professionals as well as the general public. We are preparing a creative and professional programme for you. The vast majority of projects are interactive. We can assure you that you will enjoy the event whether you are a family with children, scientist, DIYer or student.

Do you want to learn something new?

🤩 Discover! We are preparing a wide range of workshops for you. You can take part in the workshops 3D Printing Basics, Prusa Lab Accelerator, AI (not only) for Teachers, Print Your Own T-Shirt or Maker Badge workshop. Tickets to the festival do NOT include admission to individual workshops. Reserve your workshop by purchasing your ticket HERE! We will be adding individual workshops as we go along, keep an eye on our website and social media.


By entering the festival grounds, you agree to the free use of your image or likeness as part of any image recording of the event for commercial or promotional purposes without further notice.
Do you have a question about this? Contact us at

Workshops – Hall E

Saturday 10 June

Workshop Zone 1
11:00 We are looking for lecturers/teachers (not only) of IT for children – Elixir for schools
12:00 AI (not only) for teachers – Eva Nečasová
14:00 Crazy MYShortcut
15:00 Program your maker badge
16:00 360° animation workshop with AeroSchool

Workshop zone 2
10:30 3D Printing Basics
11:30 3D Printing Basics
12:45 3D Printing Basics
13:45 3D Printing Basics
14:45 3D Printing Basics
15:45 3D Printing Basics
16:45 3D Printing Basics

Logicscool Programming
11:00 Programming for Kids (Grades 1-3)
13:00 Visual Programming – Beginners (4th-7th grade)
15:00 Moving from visual to text programming (intermediate kids)
17:00 Programming for the youngest (1st-3rd grade)

Sunday 11 June

Workshop zone 1
11:00 Mad MYSHairbite
12:30 AI (not only) for teachers – Eva Nečasová
14:30 Soldering workshop

Workshop zone 2
10:30 3D printing basics
11:30 3D Printing Basics
12:45 3D Printing Basics
13:45 3D Printing Basics
14:45 3D Printing Basics

Logiscool Programming
11:00 Programming for Kids (Grades 1-3)
13:00 Visual Programming – Beginners (4th-7th grade)
15:00 Programming for the youngest (1st-3rd grade)

Lectures – Hall D

Saturday 10 June

11:00 Build your own electric car / Bohumil Horák
11:30 Bicycle power plant / Stanislav Miler
12:00 Science show – Deep below zero / Physics Theatre of the Institute of Physics
12:30 PrusaLab Accelerator / Michaela Frýšarová
13:00 MatériO’ Prague – innovative materials performance / Valérie Záhonová
13:20 ABC Magazine – Discussion: Unusual paper models
The discussion will be moderated by Zdeněk Ležák – editor-in-chief of ABC magazine
14:00 ABC Magazine- Interview.
The interview will be conducted by Zdeněk Ležák – editor-in-chief of ABC magazine, Guest: Martin Macháček
14:30 Science show – Ice show / Amazing physics theatre ÚDiF
15:00 How to build a house at 16 / Radek Pospíšil
15:30 3D printing of concrete – So Concrete / Dmitry Nikitin
16:00 Pendulum synth / Vojtěch Leischner
16:30 R.U.R / Vojtěch Dašek
17:00 Czech Rocket Society / Jan Němec
17:30 Powerbanks from disposable e-cigarettes / Kryštof Slouka

Sunday 11 June

10:30 Cybersecurity – Technology Literacy
11:00 Open footwear / Juraj Šuška
11:30 Science show – Deep below zero / Physics Theatre of the Institute of Physics
12:00 What is STM32duino? / Petr Šrámek
12:30 3D printing of bones
13:00 PentaPrint: 5-axis 3D printer / Jaromír Obitko
13:30 Czech IT Academy / Michael Kalista
14:00 Parallel Worlds – Technecium / RNDr. L.J.Příplatová PhD. (Sysifos and Experimental Rabbits), Mgr. Alexandr Prokop (Technecium)
14:30 Science show – Ice show / Amazing Physics Theatre ÚDiF
15:00 IOT – Technological Literacy

Maker Faire Prague 2023 in pictures

Aftermovie Maker Faire Prague 2023!

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3D Tikárna – PRUSASEKMAKi3 – 3D tisk v praxi

3D tisk
Šimon Sekerka

Zdravíme všechny, jsme zde jelikož chceme ukázat co jsme pro Vás všechny připravili. Naše parta kamarádů se rozhodla znovu zrodit…

Nadační fond Lithium Valley

Nadační Fond Lithium Valley

Chceme představit projekt Lithium Valley, který navazuje na aktivity vědců z VŠCHT z roku 2002 (Vytvořme u nás Lithium Valley),…

Maker Institute & Challenge Based Learning

Maker Institute

Visitors can expect to learn about our participation and success in events like the Fab Bhutan Challenge 2023 and the…

Lékaři bez hranic

Médecins Sans Frontières in Czech Republic, o.p.s.

Už přes 50 let pomáhají po celém světě  Desítky let pomáhají pacientům a pacientkám v zemích, kde dostatečně nefungují nebo zcela…

Brdský ležan – stavebnice včelího úlu


Na Maker Faire představím celý proces od návrhu po výrobu stavebnice moderního včelího úlu. Účastníci se dozví, jakým způsobem je…


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