What is Maker Faire?

Maker Faire is a family-friendly showcase of inventions and creativity that gathers together enthusiasts, crafters, and educators across the country.

Makers come to show their creations and visitors come to try new things firsthand. The festival is the perfect combination of modern technologies, traditional crafts, science and design.

Second year in the making

The first year of this festival in northern Bohemia took place in the perfectly fitting space of the Lipo.ink incubator, which is located in the building of the Regional Office. The program took place both indoors and outdoors

In September 2022, there is going to be another weekend show of 30 makers and their projects. You will again be able to participate in numerous workshops and installations


An entertaining educational kit focuses on human brain research and its connection to the computer.

Look forward to a science show and workshops from Liberec.
Interactive propane-punk concept of an amusement park. Don’t miss the iron colossus!
The first ever hydroponic farm in Liberec founded by two enthusiasts in healthy eating and hydroponic cultivation.