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Maker Institute: Mobile FabLab

The goal of the mobile FabLab is to bring polytechnic and STEAM education outside of the classroom and provide access to machines outside the technical campus. We aim to create projects that are mobile and scalable, just as the mobile FabLab. We want to show the versatility of technology and inspiring all to create their own versions of mobile FabLabs as well as use the already available versions.


Maker Institute

Maker Institute develops polytechnic education for all audiences.Our mission is to empower everyone to use digital manufacturing technology for the greater good. Our vision is to accelerate our path to a sustainable future aided by the use of creative technologies. We provide an ecosystem that merges peoples’ curiosity, with academic know-how and industrial expertise to foster innovation. We want to encourage people to make rather than just consume, use DIY principles, and bring us closer to a circular economy.