makeyourcity: Potulná alej

makeyourcity: Potulná alej

An afternoon to #makeyourcity: Potulná alej, a better place to live in by creating DIY urban mobile carts with reused material, that enhances the city with urban furniture, gardens, and greenery.

We will start the workshop by showcasing the design of the carts and the tools available.
You will have a chance to design, cut, drill, plant, and even sense some of the greenery of these carts. You will learn about trees in the city, sensors and smart cities, composting and urban gardening, and basics of design of urban furniture.

We create together with the participants 3 types of mobile carts, that will serve the city in different ways. After the Maker Faire, these carts with join the larger urban intervention in a prominent square in Prague and will be inhabited by citizens.

The workshop has four carts, participants of the workshop will build 3 out of 4: 
The carts consists of a steel chassis and various ways to cover it.


1) A walking tree with sensors, providing accurate information of the temperature and soil moisture online. We will shortly explain how to achieve this.


2) A herb cart, or raised bed, with various species. 

3)A composter 

4)Urban furniture

No prior skills are required, just curiosity and enthusiasm about improving public space.

All used furniture and materials are welcome as well as any plants you would like to bring along!

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