Devs Concept 301 E-bike

Devs Concept 301 E-bike

This project builds a transition bridge between petrol and electric motorbikes. Electric vehicles are treated as the future of transportation. On the other hand, building electric vehicles, while only discarding existing petroleum ones, is not sustainable. Our solution is reusing existing petrol production motorbikes as a base for conversion into electric ones.

For our example of a conversion approach, we used a cheap Chinese copy of a Honda CB125 design as a base motorcycle. This is very cheap and widely available from Alibaba.

We consider that the battery, motor and electronics are fairly standard items, and instead we focused on how to protect them (and the rider!) from adverse weather and soiling, especially dirt coming from the front wheel.

Traditional motorcycle bodies are not useful. They are ABS formed, are expensive to paint and inflexible when considering our parts need to amend internal dimensions. Our solution is to form a bodyshell by attaching 3d-printed brackets to the frame and then assembling a wireframe that allows stretching fabric around it. The inspiration comes from both the Czech ‘Velorex’ trikes and Zeppelin dirigibles.

Using a flexible material over a frame reduces the costs, is damage-resistant in most impacts, and may be easily amended to fit any shape of motorcycle. A final benefit is that the battery is very easily removable by simply unzipping the fabric cover.

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