What is Maker Faire?

Maker Faire is a family-friendly showcase of inventions and creativity that gathers together enthusiasts, crafters, and educators across the country.

Makers come to show their creations and visitors come to try new things firsthand. The festival is the perfect combination of modern technologies, traditional crafts, science and design.

Second year in the making

The first year of this festival in Southern Bohemia took place in the awesome Žižkárna – the area of former barracks next to OC Mercury (entrance from Žižkova třída). The program took place both indoors and outdoors.

In September 2022, there is going to be another weekend show of 30 makers and their projects. You will again be able to participate in numerous workshops and installations.


Matyáš Cahák
Look forward to see a veteran moped converted into an electric drive or the connection of electrical circuits.
Digital twin
How do you make your own digital copy? With the help of a scanner and 3D printing, doctoral students from VŠTE in Budějovice will show you.
Květa will teach you how to make cosmetics from natural ingredients with respect to natural resources.
Interactive Propane-punk concept of an amusement park. Try the iron colossus MansterWheel!



This project is co-financed by the Statutory City of České Budějovice and the South Bohemian Region.