FabLab Pluharna

Tuning the look during a test week

An open workshop – the so-called FabLab – should soon be up and running in the premises of Pluhárna. To get the best results, we checked the types of its operation, program and equipment during the test week. The workshop was visited by over 500 visitors a week.

FabLab offers the public access to both traditional production tools and modern technologies. In Mlada Boleslav, it should serve schools, children, families, general public, as well as professionals.

Maker Faire 2021

2000+ visitors last year!

Maker Faire took place in the Pluharna complex and offered visitors nearly 30 interactive and informative workshops and installations. The Maker community was again enriched by several new local and international makers.

We started organizing the Maker Faire in Mladá Boleslav in 2019, and that’s when we first opened the Pluhárna hall to the public. Since then, we have discovered over 40 makers from Boleslav and the surrounding area.

⏰ 24 September from 10 to 18 in Pluharna

At the next edition of the Mladá Boleslav Maker Faire you can expect projects by local makers and those from all over the country! What would you say to a robotics workshop or building water rockets?


Plastic lids, paint buckets, oil containers. All of these can be turned into new products even at home.

Inside the drawer…
A functional magnetron sputtering chamber, a Tesla tube transformer and automatic flower irrigation were on display.
Water rocket workshop
Great water-fuel rockets were built using a plastic bottle and a piece of cardboard, and launched with a bicycle pump! 🚀
Young Technicians Club
Young technicians introduced robot programming or laser glass engraving!