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6th May 2023

Trojhalí Karolina

Thank you for a breathtaking first Maker Faire Ostrava! We look forward to coming back in 2024!

First Maker Faire in Ostrava!

This year Maker Faire is going to take place in Ostrava for the first time. We find the perfectly fitting space in Trojhalí Karolina where you’ll meet around 75 local makers and participate in numerous workshops and installations. The programme is set to take place mainly indoors and partly outdoors. We are proud to connect garage makers, tech enthusiasts and professionals with the general public.

🚀 Electronic and technological gadgets

🚀 Design

🚀 3D print a robotics

🚀 Crafts & Sustainability projects

What is the Maker Faire?

It is a festival full of workshops, interactive activities and above all enthusiastic and enquiring people. The world-class creativity showcase brings together garage makers and professionals, and provides smart entertainment for families with children. Maker Faire brings together modern technology, science, design and traditional crafts.

Maker is a designerMaker is a visionaryMaker is an enthusiast21st century DIY – The MakersMaker is an innovator..

Anyone with a creative spirit can be a maker. Makers are the ones who don’t settle for ordinary and mundane technologies or services. They are the people who come up with innovations and new ideas, and share them with others.

Maker Faire in Ostrava will present projects from local makers and makers from all over the country! What would you say to a robotics workshop or building water rockets? There is also a 3D Printing Workshop where you will learn the basics of this technology and 3D modelling and take away your own print.


🎟  Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are on sale at Goout.cz – HERE .

Presale price

Adults – 150 Kč
Student / Senior – 100 Kč
Kids 6-15 years – 50 Kč
Kids up to 6 years – free entrance

Ticket price on site:

Adults 175 CZK

Student / Senior 125 CZK

Child 6-15 years 50 CZK

Child under 6 years 0 CZK

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Who is the festival for?

Maker Faire is a festival for professionals and the general public. Families with children will enjoy the event, as well as scientists, DIYers and students. We are preparing a creative and professional programme for you. The vast majority of projects are interactive.

🛠 What can I expect at the festival?

Lots of creative, educational and interactive fun. For example, the 3D Printing Workshop in collaboration with Prusa Research, where you will learn the basics of this technology, 3D modelling and take away your own print. You can book your place HERE.

📍 Where is the Maker Faire?

Maker Faire Karlovy Vary takes place in the industrial premises of Trojahlí Karolina.

⏰ Approximately how much time will I spend at Maker Faire?

You can book a whole day for Maker Faire. The venue is quite large and there are a lot of makers on the schedule. You’ll get involved in workshops, try out different installations, and there’s always something to come back to.

☕️ Is there refreshments on site?

In addition to a varied day-long programme, we also have refreshments in mind. Tasting cupping will be taken care of by Coffee Culture Roastery, which will also share with guests its own journey into the world with select coffee, 3D printing, electromobility and an unconventional approach. Food will be provided by V3S burger and Havana Food Truck and the sweet spot will be provided by MistrVonka Bakery. Beer will be offered by Hoppydog Brewery and wine by Znojmo winemaker Petr Mühlberger.

🐕 Can animals come to the festival?

Please leave your pets at home. Neither you nor they would enjoy the festival.

Put yourself in the mood for Maker Faire 🙂

Makers for Ostrava?

Postav si svůj elektromobil

Elektrická vozítka
Bohumil Horák

Elektromobil představíme v podobě funkčníh pojízdného chassis sestaveného ze stavebnice KAIPAN. Jde o elektromobil KAIPAN415. Tedy vozidlo pro “náctileté” homologovatelné…

Og star tracker

3D tisk
Ondřej Gejdoš

Projekt OG star tracker je montáž (star tracker) která má být jednoduchý na postavení a používání. Dál bych chtěl představit…

Vinařství Mühlberger

Jídlo & Nápoje
Vinařství Mühlberger

Vinařství Mühlberger je místem kde se lidé potkávají a baví se společně s dobrým vínem a to nejen v domácích…

Ukázky z činnosti modelářských kroužků střediska volného času Asterix Havířov, p.o.

Asterix – středisko volného času Havířov, p.o.

Výstava, ukázky prací a ocenění modelářských kroužků (letečtí modeláři, plastikový modeláři, dřevomodeláři, 3D modelování a tisk). Rádi bychom návštěvníkům předvedli…


Jiří Konečný

Jsme český start-up který chce pomáhat, a proto jsme vymysleli nositelné blinkry na ruce, které automaticky reagují na gesta rukou.…

SPŠ a OA Bruntál

Střední průmyslová škola a Obchodní akademie Bruntál

Návštěvníkům představíme naši školu, obory, které nabízí a spoustu zajímavých výukových pomůcek, se kterými se naši žáci během studia setkají…



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